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Our Practitioner's Background

Helen Ting Chen has started her career in art at very young age and has more 17 years of experience in different art forms . Her passion and natural talents in art has served as her driving force to continuously explore more advanced techniques as well as different forms of artwork.

Helen mastered basic techniques in art before entering middle school. Fine arts had trained her to have a pair of hands that are way more steady than usual and sharpened her skills in observation and became very detail oriented. When growing up, Helen had entered in numerous art contest and achieved various awards. 

During her days in college, Helen entered in major art contests in the art school and was recognized and interviewed by the entire Rutgers community. She was on dean’s list throughout her college career and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts. In her late college days. Helen wanted to use her skills in art to create things that are more into daily lives.

Our Technique

NJ Board Certified Micropigmentation Practitioner

As many seek for the fullness semi-permanent makeup brings, transitions and naturalness were overlooked. Helen fully understand that details and natural transitions are what make client's appearance look high end and natural while giving fullness that are perfectly suited. For this reason, Helen traveled to South Korea, Germany and China to seek and bring the most advanced techniques back to the U.S. to offer to her clients. Combine the most up to date semi-permanent makeup techniques in these countries with her artistic background, Helen focus on the details and transitions to bring the most natural results to make her client's appearance truly look natural, younger and high-end.

We Understand

At Inkredible Touch, we know you are the kind of people who wanted to have fuller and natural eyebrows. In order to be that way you need to spend more time to draw and fix up your eyebrows every day. The problem is you do not have time every morning to draw and fix eyebrows that fade in the middle of the day, which makes you feel frustrated and constantly conscious about your eyebrows. We believe you should have more morning time to snooze and feel confident about you eyebrows 24/7 without worrying about brow fading or the hassle to fix them up. We understand getting up early every morning to draw eyebrows is very tedious and time consuming especially when you cannot get them drawn right. That's why we help thousands of ladies like yourself to solve eyebrows problems and create natural and full eyebrows with detailed transition that makes you look younger and beautiful 24/7. Here is how it works, step 1: schedule a consultation by calling or texting 732-298-2802, step 2: designing and procedure, step 3: enjoy natural and high end new looks. So give us a call or text today and you can stop the hassles in the morning and feeling conscious about your appearance, and start enjoying your life with beautiful new looks and having more time to spend every day. 

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