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What are the steps of first brows procedure? 

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How to find a safe place to have microblading done?

Can I take shower after having semi-permanent makeup?

How do I know if pigment color is right for me?

How long does semi-permanent makeup last?

  • Does Microblading hurt?
    Yes and no, there is some discomfort even when there is numbing. For someone who is sensitive and has low pain tolerance, microblading will feel like scratching skin that has been sunburned while some people actually fall asleep during microblading sessions. Even though a microblading session can take 3-4 hours, majority of the time is used for design. Conservatively speak, the actual microblading strokes would take around 30-40 minutes to apply onto the skin. For many people, it is worth to have 30 minutes of scratch in exchange for a beautiful eyebrow that last several years.
  • Is semi-permanent makeup procedure safe?
    Yes, semi-permanent makeup procedure is safe for those who qualify. Some people have health issue which cannot have permanent makeup procedures done. Also you will need to look for places that has license issued by department health with artists who are certified by one of the permanent cosmetics organizations such as American Academy of Micropigmentation/ Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professional.
  • Do you shave off my eyebrows for Microblading?
    No, Microblading would never require shaving off eyebrows. No permanent cosmetics professionals should ever shave entire eyebrow. The older techniques of eyebrow tattoo would require shaving eyebrows, but with the current techniques of microblading, your eyebrows should be where it is while microblading adds on and make your eyebrows look more natural. Don’t let anyone shave off your eyebrows.
  • What does a Microblading appointment look like?
    At Inkredible Touch, we like to hear our client’s voice. We have a direct line where you can call or text to book your appointment. First part of the appointment would be a general consultation where our practitioner Helen Chen will talk to you a little bit to see if you are good candidate for permanent makeup because not everyone can qualify for permanent makeup. Then once you decide to move forward and take action, our practitioner will start by carefully designing to make sure the clients likes the design before conduct the actual procedure. Actual procedure will take place once the design is completed. After the procedure, practitioner will go through the cautions needed as well as giving an aftercare kit.
  • How long does semi-permanent makeup last?
    This question is difficult because it depends on personal factors such as age, skin health, medical conditions, and metabolism. There is no guaranteed outcome for semi permanent makeup. Rarely, it is always possible that your skin may not take and absorb the pigment or may not achieve what you had in mind. If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text or email me.
  • When do I need touch up?
    After your initial procedure, you will likely need a second appointment after 30—60 days. After that, you usually won’t have to come in for 6—18 months. When you see your color fade and you start to filling in your microbladed brows every day, it’s time for a touch up.
  • Can I work on the day after my semi-permanent makeup procedure?
    Yes, many people work and return to work after their procedure. There will be some minor redness and slight swelling but will be significantly reduced on the second day.
  • How to find a great permanent makeup artist near me in NJ?
    Finding a great Semi-permanent makeup artist near you can be difficult if you don't know where to start first, so I will show some instructions as follow. First thing first, there are many strict regulations toward the permanent makeup in NJ, and make sure the permanent makeup artist is certified in NJ. Great semi-permanent makeup practitioners should meet the base of certified by AMM ( American Academy of Micropigmentation or SPCP ( Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals). Second check if the permanent makeup practitioner has Bloodborne Pathogens Certification because you need to ensure the practitioner has knowledge for sanitation in order to avoid cross-contamination. Also, check if the NJ board of health has inspected the permanent makeup studio or clinic. By law, a sanitary Inspection Report should be displayed in the store, and with that being said, you should be able to see it when you enter the space. Also, look up the technician's portfolio to see if you like the style of semi-permanent makeup, and always look at front picture in order to know if the artist is well-skilled enough to design a symmetrical eyebrows and eyeliners. Very often, you will run into some practitioner only show the side picture for before and after. Lastly, Check Permanent Makeup artist's background, see if he or she has artistic background is always a great plus, because design the brows, eyeliners, and lip require many principles of drawing skill in order to design a fantastic Ombre eyebrows tattoo / powder brows, microblading, eyeliner tattoo, and lip blush.

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