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AAM Certification Course


If you are looking to start a career in permanent makeup in New Jersey, you will need to become AAM certified and this course is designed for you! AAM certification is achieved after completing a 100 hour fundamental course, apprenticeship and passing board certification exam. Fundamental course is developed with the most advanced natural techniques in permanent makeup with multiple days of intensive, small class training environment to provide you with the most hands on practice and guidance to achieve and master your skills. After completing fundamental course, you will be completing 5 eyebrow procedures, 5 eyeliner procedures and 5 lips procedures under the supervision and guidance of our AAM Certified Instructor Helen Chen. By going through our training, you will gain all the skills, confidence and passion in a fruitful career to provide yourself a great living!

How to become AAM Certified

Complete AAM 100 Hour Fundamental Course

Complete 15 Live Model Procedures under supervision

Pass AAM Board Certification Exam

What is the cost to invest in this career

100 Hour Fundamental Course with 6 model procedures- $5,800

Apprenticeship with 9 model procedures - $3,600

AAM Board Exam - $397

How much can I potentially make in this career







Course Curriculum


What is included 

AAM Approved Comprehensive Study Guide

Equipment Kit and material needed for Fundamental Course

Hands on one on one support outside of classroom during Fundamental Training

Certification of Completion and Certification of Apprenticeship

Ongoing Support

What is NOT included 

Live Models to conduct procedures with

Materials required to conduct procedures during Apprenticeship 

Pre course required Blood Borne Pathogen Certificate and Hepatitis B  Vaccination

Acceptable Payment Method




Credit Card

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