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How Eyebrow Procedure Works


Step 1


A comprehensive consultation will let our practitioner get to you know your preference better and you will receive advice on how your eyebrow can be done to give high end appearance and to make you look younger. 


Step 2

Client Intake Form

Filling out client intake form and advise us of any health issues that you might have. 


Step 3

Pigment Testing

Pigments we use are organic, top of line from Germany. Together with you, we will find the pigment that is perfectly suited for your skin and the natural color of your hair.


Step 4


We will map out your eyebrow based on facial features such as proportion, symmetry, natural brow pattern and direction, bone structure around eyebrow to ensure the design process is accurate. 


Step 5


You only have one pair of eyebrow so we will treat your eyebrow like our own and take all the time needed to design and making adjustments to the design on your eyebrow based on accurate mapping.


Step 6

Approval of Design

We will not conduct procedure until you approve of the design and fully satisfied with it. 


Step 7


We will use topical anesthetics to apply on the surface of procedure area to maximize comfort level so the procedure process is not painful. For people who have sensitive skin will feel minor pinching or tickling during procedure. 


Step 8


We will start implant pigment into the skin based on the location of the medical marker. We use the design as reference to focus on the fullness and also bring true natural transitions to the brow so you will enjoy a younger and high end appearance after completing the procedure.

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